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Sinemas is my software's trademark.

Creator : R.M.J. Chathuranga

Date Updated : 16th of April, 2013



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My Next Music : Join my music project

Here you can see the next creations of my music. Also you can join my music by many ways, creating lyrics, suggesting melodies, designing album arts...etc.
Recenly Released Audio Album : SITHUWILI SITHUMINA
This audio album was released in 2010, originally composed by R.M.J. Chathuranga. There you may find pop, classic and rock music tracks. All are composed with Digital Music. You may download any of this track freely.

Recently released software : Sinemas SwitchBoard
This software product works as a switch board for the power actions in your computer. Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Sleep and Lock actions are in one place. Also you can schedule an automatic power action with limitations and customizations.
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Top Rated software : Sinemas Sinhala SoundScript
Converts English sounds into Sinhala fonts. This software is the most popular software becasue it has the facility to convert any of the sound to Sinhala Fonts.
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Developing software : 1 Developing products
Sinemas is being developed many new software products and new versions of existing products. You may see the hot news of development here. All the coming new products are available here


Recent music : Ultra wave ring tone
LOTA BP Creations presents you ring tones for your mobile or computer freely.

About my developing : Credits of PC eKIT
Here you can get every detail about these software's and it's developing.

Help me right now : Help Desk
Teaches and guides you how to make a use of this web site.


I have removed earlier commenting system in my website because it has some complexity when managing those comments. Here you will get my new commenting system and please be kind enough to place your new comments. I am sorry for the loss of earlier comments of yours.

Thank you
R.M.J. Chathuranga

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