Sinemas  DataList 1.0

Helps you to create a list of Files and Folders of your Computer.

This is a free software to manage a list of files and folders in your computer. Now you can create a text list of any number of folders or files in your computer.

Developed by R.M.J. Chathuranga
Written by R.M.J. Chathuranga
Published by LOTA BP Creations
© 2008-2012 R.M.J. Chathuranga


This software needs Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher edition. So please install it before install this product. You can get it freely from this site.

Click here to get NET Framework

Why do I need this software?

    • To get a printable list of files and folders of your computer.
    • Just to create a list of files and folders by dragging and dropping them.
    • To make a list of your data and share among your friends. (My songs list, Film list and etc.)
    • A place to you can check for duplicate files and similar files

Designed and developed by R.M.J. Chathuranga

Screen shots...

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