Sinemas  FileScout 2.0

Ultimate file managing software

This is a software to manage your file system with ultimate new features. This will help you to transfer files very easily and browse your PC storage devices in a perfect manner.

Developed by R.M.J. Chathuranga
Written by R.M.J. Chathuranga
Published by LOTA BP Creations
© 2008-2009 R.M.J. Chathuranga


This software needs Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher edition. So please install it before install this product. You can get it freely from this site.

Click here to get NET Framework

Why do I need this software?

  • You may protected with most of the viruses that spread through the storage devices.
  • You can puase file transferring while copying or moving.
  • This will be a optional file management software instead of Windows Explore.
  • Customize your files and folders as you need.
  • Access the control panel and change settings quickly and easily.

Designed and developed by R.M.J. Chathuranga

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What is new in Sinemas FileScout 2 series?

You can get many functions and options with Sinemas FileScout™ version 2 series than the previous versions of Sinemas FileScout. Function wise and interface wise there are many changes with this version.

  1. New detailed browse icons
  2. New graphical interface
  3. Picture thumbnail view
  4. New property dialogs
  5. New file transferring methods
  6. Drag and drop enabled file list
  7. My favorites and shortcuts
  8. New linked control panel
  9. Folder tree view
  10. Filtering options
  11. Open with program management
  12. New clipboard management
  13. Customized appearance of the interface
  14. Folder customizing tool


Sinemas FileScout™ is a optional file management system for windows based computers. This software changes the default browsing file explorer to FileScout™ and makes the user easy to organize the files and manage them in computer. It also provides tools and techniques to customize the folders in your system. Also this new version of this software enables user to transfer file in a more effective manner such as file list transfer, pause and resume and etc.

The major advantage of using this file management system is you can prevent from most of the viruses which are spread from storage devices. Sinemas FileScout™ does not depend on registry settings. It creates its own settings to manage the system. The viruses that are attacking the registry will not be executed when you use this software instead of using normal windows explorer.
This software is developed with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and compiled in 2.0. Therefore, this provides you the most features which can be use as a normal windows application.

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