Sinemas PathFinder 1.0 

Ultimate file search engine, faster than ever...

This is a file search engine that scans faster than ever. So it will be more useful when you deal with your PC. Enhanced with more information with search results. Read Objectives for more details.

Developed by R.M.J. Chathuranga
Written by R.M.J. Chathuranga
Published by LOTA BP Creations
© 2009-2010 R.M.J. Chathuranga. All rights reserved.


This software needs Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher edition. So please install it before install this product. You can get it freely from this site.

Click here to get NET Framework


Screen Shots...


Searching files and documents is a main difficult thing when you deal with your own PC. Sometimes you never remember the path of a specific file or the real URL of a file. The Sinemas Pathfinder gives you the opportunity to find easy and faster your files. It also represent you a very good search result with several categories.

This is faster then ever, and does not miss any paths as system paths. Even if your virus files can be listed down in Sinemas Pathfinder's result sheet. This will find everything. If you cannot remember even a part of a file name, PathFinder provides you the chance to get it. How?... There is a option to check the file content and match your search. So just enter any part of a file content that you remember and select the option 'Read all the file content.


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