Sinemas PC Equipment KIT 2009 SP2

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I was able to fix the ploblems of PC eKIT and build a latest Service pack 2.
It also contains every setup files....

Dependeries :
    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
    VB Power Packs 1.1

Author : R.M.J. Chathuranga
Finalized Date : 21:04:2009
Total Size before installation : 232 MB (without .NET)
Total Size After Installation : 310 MB (without .NET)

Included Softwares :
* Sinemas Timia (Alarm Clock)
* Sinemas Performance (RAM meter)
* Sinemas SwitchBoard (Poweroptimizer)
* Sinemas PhoneBook (Contact manager)
* Sinemas Calculator
* Sinemas WebPlaza (Internet Browser)
* Sinemas Pikchoria (Game)

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Sinemas - Access Your Proccess
LOTA BP Creations

(C). 2009-2010. R.M.J. Chathuranga. All Rights Reserved.

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